Parvati Industries is a leading manufacturer of Brass, Copper, Zinc and Stainless-steel metal’s turned parts.

We started our journey in 1991 with a motive to produce and deliver high quality and well finished machine turned components at very competitive prices with on time delivery, and because of that today Parvati Industries become a leading manufacturer of metal Components and Assemblies of metal parts. We are globally well known for the quality and perfection of our products in all different sectors like electrical, water, irrigation, sanitary and plumbing, Automobiles, Gas equipment, Plastic moulding, Sensors and more where brass components are being utilized or assembled.

Our products are precisely engineered and matching global standards of quality, efficacy and reliability. We believe in using innovative and cost-effective techniques to design, develop and deliver our products.

We are manufacturing customised products per the given technical details, drawings or sample pieces.

Why Choose US?

1000+ Products Produced Yet:

As a Customised Manufacturer, we have successfully produced 1000+ different products since the beginning of company

Reliability & Trust:

31 Years of Experience in the field of metal parts production and assembly, Due to excellent management and control company has obtained several certificates

On Time Delivery:

Because of having large scale production and well-established logistic network, we can always deliver shipments on time.

24X7 Customer Service:

As a global company, our sales and support teams work as per different world time zones to response customer’s requirements, questions and queries on their preferred time

Our Certifications

Parvati Industries is India base ISO 9001 2015 certified largest manufacturer of brass, Zinc, And Stainless steel metal parts, fittings and components. Company was formed in 1987, with a vision to produce quality brass parts and fittings.

As a global supplier and largest manufacturer, At the moment we are working with listed below different industrial sectors.

Plastic Molding Sector: Brass Threaded inserts to mold in plastic and wooden products.

Sanitary And Plumbing: Brass plumbing fitting parts, Brass Tap and Shower mixer parts, Eccentric connector, Brass hose fittings, Water meter parts, Heat Meter parts.

Soft drink Sector: Co2 Gas Regulator parts, Draft Beer Faucet and Tap Parts, Keg Coupler parts, and Line Assembly parts.

Water And Irrigation: R.O. Parts, Polypropylene filter housing inserts, R.O. Valves, R.O. diverters.

Sensor Industry: Brass Sensor Housings, Brass Connectors, Brass inserts for plastic molding.

Brass Auto Industry: Brass Battery terminals, Brass Cable wiring Harness terminals and parts.

Electric Industry: Brass terminals, Brass Plug pins, Brass Connector Sockets, Brass inserts for Plastic Conduit fittings

Home Appliances: Brass mixer grinder parts, Jambo Nut, threaded inserts for plastic body

Furthermore, we are able to produce any types of brass metal parts as per technical drawing or samples…

We accepts the greatest engineering challenges, it’s our passion for innovation and secures our future growth. Our technological expertise creates a more sustainable future for us all.