Brass sphygmomanometer parts

–  Sphygmomanometer / Blood Pressure monitor parts:

  • Brass Air relies valves,
  • Brass Inners for rubber tubes
  • Knurling Caps,


–  Material Specifications:

Free Cutting Brass-  CuZn39Pb3,  CW614N, C36000 And as per requirement

Lead Free Brass-       C89550,  C89510,

Hard Brass –               MS58, CuZn40Pb2, CuZn39Pb1, CZ2120 And as per requirements,


– Threads :

ISO Metric And per customers advise

– Plating, Coating And Surface:

Polished, Knurled, Nickel, Chrome And Natural Brass as per customers requirement


“We can produce any type of Brass sphygmomanometer parts as per technical drawing or Sample Piece”