Beer Dispense Equipment Parts

–  Beer Dispense Equipment Parts:


  • Brass Nuts,
  • Brass Nipples
  • Brass Mini Ball Valves
  • Regulator Bonnet
  • Regulator Body
  • Seat Housing
  • Keg Coupler Parts
  • And All types of Brass, Stainless Steel And Zinc Parts of draft beer equipment



–  Material Specifications:

 Free Cutting Brass-  CuZn39Pb3,  CW614N, C36000 And as per requirement

Lead Free Brass-       C89550,  C89510,

Hard Brass –               MS58, CuZn40Pb2, CuZn39Pb1, CZ2120 And as per requirements,


– Threads :

 BSP, NPT, BSW, ISO Metric And per customers advise


– Plating, Coating And Surface:

 Buff Polished, Nickel, Chrome, Zinc, TIN, Brass Natural Or as per customers requirement



“We can produce any type of Brass metal parts or fittings as per technical drawing or Sample Piece”